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Posted By: Yitzchak
Mr. Heller was a real blessing for myself and my family. Divorce was not a particularly pleasant chapter in my life and I had a lot of fears about how it would play out. Ira was there for me from the beginning, laying out clearly what my options were and how things would most likely go. He was thorough, responsive, and most importantly to me validating. I definitely felt like I had someone in my corner during the whole process. He made it clear to me that just because I am getting divorced doesn't mean I need to be a doormat. I was able to make sure I get what I need with the least amount of drama and fighting possible. In short, he helped me through a very difficult time and was genuinely concerned about my welfare. I highly recommend him without reservation.


Posted by: Freddy
As Spanish Interpreter and Immigration Liaison to the Spanish speaking community, I can recommend Ira Heller for his integrity, honesty and going the extra mile to fight for his clients.


Posted by: Jorge
I usually don't do reviews but after the service and attention my case received from Ira and his team I am more than glad to say this guy you need no questions asked. Great lawyer and very trustworthy, very happy with my results and how he approached all my concerns.

Posted by: Jeydi
I not only recommend attorney Ira W Heller, but I guarantee once you have used his service you too will look no further. He responds in an extreme timely matter, he is a very knowledge, trustworthy person. There is no other attorney that will work as hard for you. I used his service for custody, he is a wonderful attorney I could not have been happier and I will never go anywhere else.


Posted by: Chaim
Wow. How can I possibly say how amazing Ira is?! He truly cares - not just puts on an act - really and truly cares. I was a big hole when Ira took on my case. I had 2 previous lawyers - one was only in it to bill, bill, bill and the other, totally and utterly incompetent. As a result, I was so desperate and in a really bad way. Then, I spoke with a friend of mine that I hadn’t been in contact with in a while and he told me about Ira and recommended him highly. I called Ira. He was so patient and sympathetic on the phone and immediately went to work for me. And he got results. Quickly. He’s not like other lawyers that want a case to drag and drag so that they can bill. He wants to get you positive results and then get your recommendation! I unequivocally and unreservedly recommend Ira to anyone in need of a good attorney!!


Posted by: David

My family hired Ira to help with a very difficult situation following the loss of a dear loved one. Ira assisted us every step of the way, working diligently to ensure a positive outcome. He has been supportive, informative, honest and accessible. Most importantly, he has been very kind in his assistance throughout a tough situation. I would gladly recommend Ira to anyone in need of legal services.


Posted by: Sameh

Ira Heller is setting an excellent example to serve the benefits of his clients and is always looking out for them. His strong insistence in keeping the rights and i personally found and faced it with him when I attended in the hearing session. He was very enthusiastic and diligent in the pleading in his work. The trust and integrity that he built with his clients did not come from nowhere. My confidence in him is endless, It is enough that he did not hesitate to preserve my rights despite all the temptations that were offered to him by my opponents, but he refused and continued to support me until the end.

Posted by: Anonymous

Ira got us our i130 alien petition approved, he was very detailed in the argument of our appeal. It was successful and we are extremely happy about this. He was very caring, patient and on top of our paperwork. We not only got an attorney, we also found a friend.


Posted by: Bankie
We were privileged to have Mr. Heller work on the citizenship application of my wife. My wife had 2 concerning legal issues which were not in her favor. However, from what we felt was a hopeless case, with Mr. Heller's counsel, choice of approach and unique wisdom, my wife is now able to sing ...... "and I am proud to be an American." I highly recommend Mr. Ira Heller as an immigration lawyer and can safely say he was personally concerned about every expect of my case. He gave trusted advice and stuck with me till every option is applied. I will be calling on him for any immigration case I may have in the future. I suggest you do too. you will be choosing a lawyer who will go all the way to give you the best representation.

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